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Direct Marketing in the 21st Century: Is It Strictly Digital?

Data has become a source of promise. A promise of certainty, and increased ability to service customers in the ways in which they want. But with that comes complexity.


Understanding customers has clearly been proven to profit, making it attractive to businesses. And consumers have been willing to offer their data for a service worth 10x it’s perceived value (according to a Google study). But this transaction can come at a cost. With personalisation, isn’t there a fine line between convenience and surveillance? Many large technology companies have borne their fair share of high profile negative news – how does this affect consumers and their perception of data use by businesses?

With this in mind, during the evening, we will facilitate interactive discussions exploring risks and benefits behind using personal data in marketing. You will meet with a group of 6-8 of your peers to discuss topics such as:

• How do we move along the data continuum from "data is a burden" back to "data is an asset" post - GDPR?

• How can we use personal data in the most ethical way?

• What are some of the biggest concerns for us at the moment?

• What is our role, as data-focussed professionals, in the evolving landscape of using consumer data?

• What are some of these things we predict to impact the future of consumer data?

• How are some leading enterprises using emerging tech to assist in data management?

• What are the consumer expectations around Data?

• Is ‘data transformation’ an overused buzzword, or the indication of the shifts within the industry?

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