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The CISO'S Dilemma: Where Are the Skills?

For any CISO, making sure that the security team have the required skills to face down threats is critical. But how do you know for sure the skills that are present and those that are missing? How do you priorities progression and retention? How do you prioritise spending on technology versus skills development? While there are indicators to help answer these questions, solid metrics have for a long time been missing. You can send team members on courses to improve skills, but how do you measure what, if indeed anything, they’ve learnt? Unearthing the hidden realities of the lay of the land can transform a team’s effectiveness - and a CISOs role.

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss how CISOs can measure, develop and progress staff within their cybersecurity teams through continuous training. 

We will explore:

● The challenges of cyber skills training - why traditional methods of static classroom-based training don’t work, as well as how it can be reimagined

● The constant barrage of threats many organisations are facing, many of which are brand news, and why that requires real-time and immediate learning

● How reducing an organisation's Mean Time To Learn (MTTL) significantly improves its risk posture and how that can be measured

● The metrics CISOs should consider to benchmark team members against each other and the industry, as well as to uncover hidden talent

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