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How Do We Fight the Cybercriminal Who Operates Like a Business?

Cybercriminals have figured out how to bypass our perimeter defences by targeting the most vulnerable part of any enterprise: the humans. They have also increased their success rates by 63% using identity-based email attacks, according to our intelligence sources.

Please join your peers for an interesting debate around:

What responsible active defence techniques can we use to help us uncovered, stop and expose cybercriminal gangs?

How can we combat a cybercriminal that operates like a modern corporation?

How attackers deliver semi-customised attacks on companies of all sizes?

 A case study on a Nigerian cybercriminal gang with extensive operations in the UK and western Europe, who targeted 50,000 Chief Finance Officers around the world during a five-month period, will be shared by our guest speaker James Linton, Lead Intelligence Researcher at Agari. James will share insights into how this particular cybergang prepared and ran their attacks and tactics, and the techniques he used to turn the tables on them and ultimately expose and capture members of that gang.

 As always, please come armed with your ideas, questions and suggestions to share with your peers on how to avoid identity deception and how active defence can be used more proactively by organisations. 

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