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How do you help identify & mitigate business risks?


26th June 2019



When you understand how your organisation creates risk – often by the very nature of the way it does business – you have a greater chance of preventing, detecting and responding to your organisation’s specific threat environment. You can also become more predictive about the cyber threats you are most likely to face next.

As such, cybersecurity is becoming a top-of-mind business imperative, particularly at the C-Suite and Board level.  As organisations adopt next generation technology, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), business leaders must work with their information security teams to ensure identifying security risks is not an afterthought.

During this exclusive executive dinner, Secureworks will facilitate interactive discussions with like-minded information security leaders and decision-makers to answer questions such as:

• What cyber security risks should organisations be preparing for and what trends should information security teams begin embracing to mitigate this risk?

• Do information security leaders and decision-makers find themselves, and their priorities, in conflict with the business?

• What approaches can be adopted to express information security priorities in business terms?


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