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Using DNS to Gain Visibility and Take Control


5th September 2019



Very often, your enterprise network relies on a vast assortment of security devices and solutions, each generating their own alerts. More often than not, security teams don’t have the resources to address every one of them in a timely manner. In order to prioritise response, they need threat context – the who, what, where and when on threats that have been identified on the network. Unfortunately, that context is hard to get without proper visibility and network intelligence.

DNS is a ubiquitous network service which has a front row seat when it comes to malware activities. Most organisations neglect to consider the scale and simplicity of using DNS as a visibility and control point. DNS servers are also home to a wealth of essential operational data that can accelerate incident investigation.

Join us for an evening of engaging conversation where we will discuss the role that DNS could and should play in security architecture and operations as well as identify how DNS itself is increasingly used as an attack vector by malicious actors.

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