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Modernize Your SOC to Maximize Your Output


20th January 2021


Virtual Roundtable - EST


Security teams are faced with the challenges of managing overhead and poor threat detection from their legacy SIEM deployments, while keeping up with rising costs. Security analysts need a modern incident investigation and threat hunting experience that harnesses advanced threat detection and allows them to complete tasks at Google search speed - even as your network’s data grows to petabyte scale. What if you could have visibility into all your data sources in one place with tools to help you normalize, correlate, and contextualize it in seconds?

Join our conversation as we discuss the challenges of multiple or legacy SIEMs as well as how enterprises are navigating toward security maturity in the SOC, especially in this new chapter of remote working.

Key questions:

How do you rate your own state of security analytics, threat detection, incident response, perhaps threat hunting? What do you want to improve the most?

Have the scope of your monitoring increased in recent years? Is cloud now a part of it?

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