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Why 2021 Could Take Ransomware to New Heights


9th February 2021




Ransomware is almost always listed as the CISO’s top concern, and that’s reasonable given the incredible damage such an attack can create. Nevertheless, statistics suggest that ransomware is not the primary security threat and that cyber criminals are finding greater profits elsewhere. Across 2021, however, the concern is that the similarity in attack techniques, the expected evolution in ransomware techniques, the continuing adoption of cloud, and an increased collaboration between criminal groups, has the potential to accelerate the ransomware problem to new, and worrying, heights.

In this interactive roundtable we will also hear from Andrew Rose, Resident CISO EMEA, Proofpoint and former CISO for NATS as we discuss:

• The current profitable attack paths used by criminals, and how they can be adapted to deliver ransomware

• Why digital transformation is making the attackers job easier, and increasing your risk

• Two expected evolutionary steps of ransomware

• Why these developments will drive increasing attention to insider threat management

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