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Delivering a real time 360 trusted customer experience


17th February 2021


Australian Network
12-1.30pm ANZ (Sydney)


Digital is Data and Data is the lifeblood of your customer experience. The challenge doesn’t stop at collecting, connecting and turning data into insights through data warehouses or data lakes. It also requires delivering insights into apps and services accessible to your customers at the speed of demand. This is particularly true for data about your most precious assets: your customers.

Delivering a real time 360 trusted customer experience is critical for today’s organizations which are looking to leverage on customer data to create more business value for both internal and external stakeholders alike. Understand and exchange learnings with executives on how the 360 customer journey can be delivered smoothly while harnessing the power of customer data in this roundtable session with Talend.

Customer experience Q&A

1. What does customer 360 mean for your organization ? Eg Benefits

2. What are some strategic goals and business value which your company is looking to derive from 360projects ?

3. What are some key data challenges or issues arising from your customer 360 journey ?

4. What are the key data pillars that needs to be set in place for a successful customer 360 experience ?

5. What are some key learnings or best practices from your customer 360 journey ?

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