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Modern IAM: Making the Business and Security Case


24th February 2021


Rocky Mountains - United States
12-1.30pm MT


Too many enterprises remain chained to outdated and vulnerable identity and access management technologies –legacy systems that rely on passwords, eat budgets and kill productivity. But as organizations evolve in their digital transformation, they now need modern systems that can manage access and identity at scale with users and customers who need access to applications and resources that are on-premise, in the cloud and mobile.

Single sign-on, multifactor authentication, zero trust security – these are all part of the modern IAM suite, and they can deliver solid business benefits that include enhanced productivity, lower cost of ownership and a superior user experience. But what is the roadmap for this modern IAM journey? How can enterprises integrate their existing IAM infrastructure with new components that truly decrease cost and complexity, while at the same time improving the user experience and security?

If you’re looking for new answers to these questions, then welcome to this exclusive executive roundtable on Modern IAM: Making the Business – and Security – Case. Guided by insight from event sponsors Baber Amin, CTO at Ping Identity, and Cody Cook, Vice President – Technology and Partnerships, this event will draw upon the first-hand experience from the attendees, offering thoughts on how they have been able to address and manage the challenges of modern IAM.

• What are the core components and milestones in the modern IAM journey, and what are the metrics of success?

• How can an enterprise simultaneously decrease complexity and improve the user

experience while also enhancing security?

• What are the unique challenges of rolling out modern IAM for customers versus for the workforce?

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss modern IAM with a handful of senior executives and market leaders in an informal, closed-door setting, from which you will emerge with new strategies and solutions you can immediately put to work.

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