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How well does your endpoint security strategy meet the mark?


25th February 2021




Synopsis With threats continuing to evolve, it’s no wonder organizations continue to see advanced targeted attacks even with a full stack of endpoint protection platform and endpoint detection and response solutions operating 24 X 7. Consider this: Many CISOs today are finding that the effectiveness of their current security strategy is limited. Why? There are blind spots most endpoint security technologies are not addressing. These gaps leave security leaders and their companies exposed to evolving ransomware and other attacks. Join us on xyz date to learn more about these blind spots and to discuss with your peers the challenges you face and how to best address them.

1. How confident are you that the solutions you have in place are addressing the threats in your environment today? 

2. Of the three blind spots we discussed today, which one do you feel poses the biggest threat to your organization?

3. How do you evaluate and measure ROI in terms of your endpoint security stack?

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