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Protecting Your Weakest Links


10th March 2021


EMEA Network
12-1.30pm GMT


The recent cyber intrusion campaign that leveraged modified SolarWinds software – now widely termed SUNBURST – has dramatically raised awareness of supply chain-based compromises and how intertwined organizations now are.

Attackers go after the paths of least resistance, often starting in your business partners, IT suppliers, subsidiaries or other related organizations and leveraging any entity or digital asset that eventually gets them access to their ultimate target: your applications, data and networks.

Join us for this peer lead, closed-door Virtual Roundtable where we will be discussing:

  • Why can we confidently predict that supply chain attacks are on the rise?
  • Even though the world’s largest organizations and most sophisticated security teams have recently been blindsided by supply chain weaknesses, so what steps can smaller enterprises take to prevent similar compromises?
  • Are supply-chain vulnerabilities out of your control?

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