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Evolution or Revolution - How do you avoid “we’ve always done it this way”?


16th March 2021


United Kingdom
12-1.30pm GMT


There are many factors that influence a change in direction or strategy when it comes to security. External influences can drive emotional responses which is the enemy of objective decision making. Many CISO’s with limited budgets and headcount need to make meaningful decisions, to make a material difference to the risk posture for their organisation.

Join us for this closed door, peer lead Virtual Roundtable where we will be discussing what gets in the way of good decision making as well as taking a deeper look at:

• How can we make sure that our people are empowered by security solutions without losing control.

• How do we go from Emotional to Empowered and Enriched?

• As security leaders in your organisation how do you facilitate great change, empowering your people?

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