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Working Towards a Passwordless Future


6th April 2021


East Coast - USA
EST 13-14:30


Passwords have been the #1 threat to enterprise security for some time and that problem has only been magnified with the increase of remote work, adoption of cloud services, and growth of data. Security teams continue to struggle with major password threats such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks. Improving policy and education are only patchwork solutions, organizations must work towards a true passwordless strategy to improve their security.

Join us for this private, closed door Virtual Roundtable where we will be sharing thoughts and best practices on adopting passwordless solutions. We will seek perspectives on what practical steps organizations can implement today as well as common obstacles they may encounter along the way. We will also get opinions on the latest advancements in passwordless technologies such as biometrics, ID proofing, and the FIDO standard.

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