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Is Your Enterprise Effective at Preventing Cyberattacks as your Employees Work from Home?


14th May 2021


West Coast | USA | PST
West Coast | USA | PST


Based on responses from over 600 IT and IT security practitioners, how does your experience compare to those of the respondents’? Do you share their sentiment that effective prevention is difficult to achieve? And what do you think are the greatest barriers?

How much of your cybersecurity budget is spent towards detecting and remediating a cyberattack? How much could be saved by directing effort towards the earliest stage in the cyberattack lifecycle, with an effective approach to prevention? What are the barriers to preventing a cyberattack for your organisation? Why do your investments in technology not meet your expectations?

In this session we will discuss:

  • An understanding of which areas of the cybersecurity lifecycle, that when effectively managed, can have the most direct impact on reducing costs.
  • Which domains of cybersecurity are currently receiving the greatest focus and budget allocations.
  • The strategic insights on how companies are optimising their security budgets to achieve effective defence against even the most advanced attacks.

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