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Accelerate Digital Commerce By Preparing for EMV 3DS 2.x


18th May 2021


UK & DACH regions
12:00 - 13:30 BST


So why is this the key time to prepare for 3DS 2.x, and what will that mean for card-issuing banks and their security leaders such as yourselves? How is the increasing shift to card-not-present transactions driving these changes, and how are customers responding in their purchases? What are the fraud trends that the new protocol can address, and why should organisations adopt the standard even if it’s not mandatory?

Please join us for an exclusive interactive virtual roundtable event that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering a better understanding of the 3DS 2.x protocol and how organizations can leverage this updated standard within their anti-fraud operations. Topics will include:

  • How the new standards can help organisations drive approval rates, reduce friction and create mechanics to reduce fraud rates
  • How organizations can ensure readiness and effective utilisation for EMV 3DS 2.x protocol
  • What the protocol’s added support can mean for expanding secure payments to IoT and other types of devices
  • How EMV 3DS 2.x supports nonpayment flows, such as authenticating card enrollments into digital wallets, and recurring payments.

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