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Moving to the Cloud and the dangers of standing still


25th May 2021


12:00 - 13:30 BST


The last 12 months seem to have given us more questions than answers when it comes to cloud transformation. Many businesses have accelerated their move to the cloud while others are still apprehensive of making the wrong move.

It is easy for IT leaders to be uncertain about the skillsets required, feel challenged by investing in training alongside on-going budget constraints - all compounded by the unpredictability in the current market place. In such an environment, just standing still could mean your business is left behind. So, the big question is how can business and IT leaders overcome this?

During this session we will tackle some of the challenges businesses face in 2021 and what they can do to overcome the main obstacles. 2020 certainly put pressure on businesses, but it has also created an opportunity for many to transform how they operate and move forward with technology.

As well as the points mentioned above the session will also cover:

How to achieve technology and financial flexibility within your IT infrastructure

Removing fear of technology lock-in

How to rethink your cloud transformation projects if you have challenges preventing or delaying executing your strategy

The importance of choosing the right platform for your applications.

How to reduce the likelihood of bill shock

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