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Defining a Secure and Flexible Path to Data-Centric SASE.


26th May 2021


West Coast - USA
11:00-12:30 PST


For years, companies have been moving applications, data centers and services to the cloud with the expected benefits of Cost, Simplicity and Scale. The digital transformation of the security stack was supposed to make all of this easy.

But in reality digital transformation can lead to increased cost and complexity for many organizations. While most analysts will say that the future of security is in the cloud, what’s less clear is the best way to get there for you. The path for every organization is different, but the goal of data-centric SASE is the same. We’d like to invite you to a roundtable of security leaders to discuss the challenges you face in digital transformation, the strategies you’ve embraced to overcome obstacles and how you define SASE nirvana.  

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