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Analytics strategy versus culture - Match made in heaven or a match made in hell?


27th May 2021


DACH Region
12:00 - 13:30 CET


Are all enterprise analytics implementations doomed to fail? Time and time again we see a new BI strategy designed to unite the organisation break down when those managing data and analytics don't see eye to eye with those consuming it. However, in today's day and age, failure is no longer an option: it is imperative that an organisation's data and analytics strategy takes into consideration the needs of the whole business and all its users. But how? If failure is no longer an option, what are you doing or going to do about it?

  • When it comes to analytics and data, trust is earned not given—how trusting are you and your colleagues when it comes to data and analytics? OR how much trust is there around analytics and data in your organisation?
  • In an environment where there is misalignment between the strategic objectives of the data strategy and the day-to-day use of analytics in the trenches, where is the most acute pain felt and what are the consequences?
  • In your experience, what crucial steps are required to remediate a tattered strategy?

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