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Insider Threat Management - Why the pandemic has accelerated your insider risk profile


1st June 2021


12:00 - 13:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

For many years, insider threat has been a topic that CISOs have acknowledged but taken little action to address outside of basic privilege management and a whistleblower hotline. The infrequent breaches were generally low impact and could usually be managed outside the public eye.

However, as the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, and firms rushed toward remote working and cloud adoption to solve their challenges, the insider risk story has changed. The restructure of both business process and IT infrastructure to support remote working has been brought risks - staff work in busy, home environments; financial restrictions force hard business decisions; and the network perimeter is stretched, extended and blurred.

These changes have been as advantageous to the attackers as it has been to your operational processes. CISOs now face the challenge of how to identify, differentiate and respond to the three insider threat actors.

Join the conversation where we will address

  • Why insider threat is fast becoming the primary attack path
  • Tools and techniques CISOs use to and prioritise identify insider threat
  • Pragmatic controls to reduce the likelihood and potential impact of insider threat
  • Insight from CISO peers on how to improve insider threat capabilities

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