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Creating a Seamless and Optimal Customer Journey via Omni Channel Data-Driven Marketing Strategy


15th June 2021


EMEA region - BST
12:00 - 13:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

It is a highly competitive market. Customers are strongly influenced by their experiences with the brand and expect real-time personalisation. The telecomms industry has more products to offer than ever today, but what stories are the customer data you collect telling about their behaviour, experience and trust? How well are you predicting behaviours like purchase or churn?

We warmly invite you to a 90-minute virtual roundtable in an informal setting, as we dive deeper into key questions and issues specific to the telecommunications industry:

  • From churn to loyalty, how are you crafting the experience based on data, for every single one of your customer
  • How do you achieve 360ยบ vision on your customers/households and put power back into your own hands to identify your ideal customers, in order to invest effectively
  • With the death of 3rd party cookie, how do you weave anonymous profiles into your customer journey for acquisition and retargeting

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