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Security at the speed of DevOps


30th June 2021


West Coast - USA
12-1.30PM PST


DevOps-driven software development approaches are pervasive among organizations embracing the cloud. Unlike traditional software development approaches, DevOps helps organizations shorten the time it takes to build and ship cloud applications.

Introducing security early in the software development lifecycle, along with continuous monitoring in production environments, improves the overall security posture of cloud applications and reduces business risk.

Join us for this closed door, peer- lead 90-minute Virtual Roundtable to discuss:

  • How can we incorporate security with an automated approach?
  • How do we reduce the attack surface as well as time to detect/resolve security issues—without impacting the agility gained through a DevOps approach
  • Can we stop risk management being an afterthought that begins once the software is in production (which often stifles innovation and reduced time to market)

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