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The “Sec” in the DevSecOps journey - a CISO’s perspective


30th June 2021


DACH Network
12:00 - 13:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

 “Left Shifting” is upon us and CISOs and security functions are struggling to find relevancy is this brave new world. We will discuss the stay awake issues of CISOs in the agile/scrum/CI/CD DevOps environment, and what successes we have seen, and also some of areas of “insertion” that CISOs would like to be effective in this new world.

Join us for this private, closed door virtual roundtable where we will be taking a deeper look at:

  • What is your organization’s definition of DevSecOps?
  • Automation and Orchestration has been the biggest enhancers in the DevOps process, to not only streamline processes, but they also provide an element of consistency to the DevOps environment/platform/OS/tools/repositories etc. Has your organization benefitted from these from a reduction in security vulnerabilities?
  • From a audit and compliance perspective, how effective has these requirements been satisfied in your organization’s “Shift Left” development process?

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