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Keeping the criminals out of your ecommerce payments


27th July 2021


12-1.30pm EST
12-1.30pm EST


2020 forced consumers online and 2021 continues to show growth in ecommerce. Reports suggest that online and card-not-present fraud is accelerating even faster. While regulatory authorities introduce a steady flow of new legislation to disrupt the criminals, more can be done. Merchants, PSPs and card issuers increasingly require additional measures to counter these efforts from bad actors.

What are the fraud trends that the new 3DS protocol can address and why should organisations migrate to the new version even if it’s not mandatory?

Please join us for an exclusive interactive virtual roundtable event that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering a better understanding of ecommerce, fraud & risk management and 3D-Secure optimization and how organizations can leverage this updated standard within their anti-fraud operations.

* What are the current trends in eCommerce growth, fraud threats, PSD2, FCA legislation, soft declines & approval rates

* How can you simplify and streamline the adoption of 3DSv2

* Where is the industry headed with collaboration & communication

* what is currently accepted as industry best practice - does it get higher approval rates,

* What can we share about 3D-Secure optimization, eCommerce private rails, data science, authorization integration

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