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Sharing Insights Operating Global Dev Teams: Regional Insights


27th July 2021


12:00 - 13:30 EST
US Network


Many industry experts are predicting a trend towards globally distributed Teams, especially for technology teams. To help shed light on the topic, this exclusive roundtable will discuss where the fastest-growing organizations are sourcing talent, and how to better understand the cultural advantages, team composition, tools, partners and processes that enable high-performing global teams. There will be a specific focus on the talent pool and opportunity across emerging markets, featuring participants who have successfully extended their team to regions like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

  1. How does your organization structure the globally distributed team, by product or by functional group considering time zone differences?
  2. How do you prioritize regions and locations for finding engineering talent?
  3. What challenges do you typically face when expanding your global engineering talent pool?

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