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The Rise of DDoS Ransom Attacks


4th August 2021


14:00-15:30 BST
14:00-15:30 BST


Over the last few months, Internet monitors have observed a surge in the frequency and geographical distribution of distributed denial-of-service (“DDoS”) attacks. More recently, there has been a rise in ransom-related DDoS attacks reminiscent of the DD4BC and Armada Collective campaigns. 

In ransom-based attacks, bad actors demand payment from the target company in exchange for not launching a DDoS attack that could bring down the target’s website or entire Internet exposed network infrastructure. When organizations experience this, they are not always sure how to respond, and what measures to take to prevent such attacks in the future. This can be even more critical to business resilience now most employees are remote, and rely on the uptime and fast performance of key network infrastructure to get work done.

Join Thomas Seifert, CFO of Cloudflare, for an interactive 90-minute virtual roundtable covering how organizations can take steps to prepare for and overcome these threats to ensure business continuity.

We will be taking a deeper look at:

  1. What is a ransom-related DDoS attack, who’s behind these attacks, and how should organizations respond?
  2. Why are DDoS attacks becoming more prevalent, and how can security teams keep up at a time when most of the workforce is remote?
  3. How to build a business continuity plan to help your organization deliver better performance and reliability during these changing times?

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