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Increasing the success rates in drug discovery, current practice and next steps to delivering better druggable candidates


16th November 2021


United States - EST
12:00 - 13:30 - EST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

There is a strong drive to improve the productivity and efficiency of drug discovery. Jack Scannell’s paper highlighting the decline of R&D really brought this topic into sharp focus. Various industry thought leaders have suggested strategies such as “fast fail”, “ligand efficiency” “the pillars of success”, the “5R framework” etc” to address R&D productivity challenge. These are now positively impacting on success rates, but what are the next big drivers to take the probability of success rates further.

Workshop Questions:

How do you see Artificial Intelligence, precision medicine and genomics impacting on the discovery process?

How will the range of integrated screening strategies such as DEL, FBLG and virtual screening providing greater chemical diversity effect the probability of success?

What are your thoughts on the impact of new chemical modalities on addressing difficult targets formally defined as undruggable?

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