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The Rise and Risk of SaaS Apps: How to Keep Your Organization Protected when migrating ERP & mission-critical applications to the cloud


29th June 2021


EMEA Network
12-1.30pm BST


People who manage mission-critical SaaS applications such as SAP or Salesforce often aren't IT. Take HR, for instance. HR leaders use applications to provision and deprovision users, provide payroll, connect to other internal apps, and more. With the push to remote work caused by the pandemic, other departments have also rushed to embrace the cloud's power and flexibility. But who's checking to ensure these connections are all secure? This challenge has brought on the rise of Grey IT – applications the company may be aware of but aren't governing.

With more critical functions being performed off-prem or in hybrid landscapes to support a tidal wave of at-home workers, now is the time for CISO's and other security leaders to take control of the Grey IT dilemma with greater mapping and protection. But what's the best place to start?

Join this roundtable to discuss

What are the core tenants every security team should include in a business application resiliency plan?

Why is cloud-asset map a crucial first step?

What are the common pitfalls when it comes to securing SaaS-based business applications?

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