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Embracing the Cloud for “Innovation at Scale”


12th October 2021


12-1.30PM CST
US Central Region


In the digital economy, the success of an enterprise can be measured by how quickly and reliably it deploys or updates applications. Customers demand agility and competitors quickly take advantage of stagnation.

But the path for executives is not clear. Not all moves to the cloud deliver the expected savings or returns. Should an enterprise “lift and shift” legacy applications? Should they re-architect before or during the move? Are cloud provider’s managed services the right choice – or is vendor lock-in something to be concerned about? What are the cultural changes that will make or break a move to the cloud? In short, how can companies accelerate their digital transformation by embracing the cloud in the right way?

Join us and a select group of your peers for this private virtual roundtable where we will be taking a deeper look at:

* How do you measure what your company is doing? 

* What do you think stakeholders should be thinking about right now with regard to Cloud adoption? 

* What does success look like in a move to the cloud?

* When must you avoid a “lift and shift” rush to the crowd?

* What does going beyond managed services look like?

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