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The future is document workflows, will you be ready before your competitors?


20th October 2021


12:00-13:30 CET
Benelux Network


Recent research has shown that people in their 20’s and 30s prefer eSignatures, so what is keeping organisations from stepping away from paper? Where do you start and what is the most relevant way of adopting paperless eSignature for your organisation? How much time left does “print and sign” or “print sign scan” have in our digital world?

During this roundtable discussion we’ll talk about how you can work faster, more secure and improve both the customer and employee experience, all by automating workflows beyond eSignature. Join us and a select group of your peers to share what steps you can take to get started with document workflows:

* What does the ideal document and contract workflow would look like for your employees and customers?

* What obstacles do you currently have in getting documents/agreements created, signed and returned?

* What is keeping you from having a completely digital experience for documents and agreements?

* Do you have any success stories using eSignatures to share with the group

* Have you ever witnessed eSignatures being used to track Policy Acceptance in an organisation? 

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