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Rebalance your cyber security with a “prevention-first” strategy


30th November 2021


United Kingdom- GMT
12:00 - 13:30 - GMT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

It is said that the most efficient way to reduce insider risks is to prevent insider incidents. A prevention-first strategy must also prove effective at rapidly detecting and mitigating the effects of insider threats originating from both malicious and accidental insiders.

What if you could secure and protect your users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with a method that is focused on earning trust across any endpoint and continuously validating that trust at every event or transaction.

In this roundtable, we will be discussing the challenges security professionals encounter detecting, preventing, and mitigating cybersecurity threats from individuals with authorised access to systems and data.

Join us and a select group of your peers to discuss:

* Has WFH reshaped your end user and end user device security strategy?

* Are you happy with your defense strategy across the full spectrum of devices, network, apps and people?

* Have you introduced any AI based assistance into your cyber security assessments of events and incidents?

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