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Steps to Delivering Relevant, Resilient, and Reliable Digital Services


16th March 2022


North America - EST
12:00 - 13:30 - EST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Both your internal and external customers want intuitive, reliable, secure, and ideally, always available digital services that make their lives easier. To meet these demands, service delivery teams must continually innovate, releasing features quickly and frequently. So how do you increase your development velocity while maintaining a fully available, disruption-free infrastructure? This balancing act between innovation and uptime can create a performance gap that puts your customer experience and business at risk. Instead of chasing five nines level perfection, organizations need to make their digital services resilient so they can release with confidence, knowing they can bounce back quickly no matter the disruption.

Join us, as we discuss how to achieve digital service resiliency and deliver reliable customers experiences.

Together, with a select group of your peers, we will discuss:

-What capabilities to look for in order to maintain digital service reliability without having to slow down pace of innovation

-How to bridge the gap between siloed technology functions that are prohibiting collaboration.

-How to implement SRE best practices at scale, to be truly agile and fast-moving with happy customers and engineers.

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