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TLC TV Episode 5: Accelerating the Developer-First Security Movement


4th April 2022


BA14 8ET


Let’s agree that DevOps is as much about practices, processes, mindset, and culture as it is about tools. And we still have a lot to learn and share, as a community.

Join this next TLC TV Episode, as we bring Software Engineering teams and Security Leaders together to discuss how we accelerate the Developer-First Movement.

In this TLC TV Episode, leaders from the pinnacle of their industry come to share their insights and engage with Dev and Security teams on some important questions:

• As the pace of development accelerates, what are the required aspects for tools, processes, and practices to keep up?

• What common frictions and delays currently impede the Developer-First movement and which ones can be eliminated?

• What behaviours continue to impact progress and what could be done to propel the Developer-First movement into the future?

• Can we utilise Agile Strategies that have changed Developer behaviours already to propel the developer-first security movement?

• What is the leadership role in plugging security into DevOps?

• Are there cultural shifts that companies need to embrace sooner rather than later to accelerate developer-first security?

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