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Modern DLP – Why Traditional Approaches Won’t Solve Your Insider Threat Problem


24th May 2022


United Kingdom
12:00 - 13:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

With a staggering amount of sensitive data being created every day it’s no wonder traditional enterprise DLP solutions struggle to solve the insider threat problem. Many enterprise DLP implementations fail because they are too hard to setup, too hard to manage, people think they need to start by defining the block policy, they are too disruptive to the end users and get too little support from the business leaders.

Join us and a specially selected group of your peers in an open discussion about how DLP can be introduced without the usual friction with the business and how contextual classification with granular controls can get an effective DLP solution operational quickly.

Join this virtual roundtable to discuss:

  • How you can use an “unknown risk” approach to data discovery before you create any policies
  • How contextual classification and granular controls can dramatically reduce false positives and end user friction
  • How to scale your DLP program across the enterprise
  • How to effectively protect sensitive data and meet Workers Council privacy concerns at the same time

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