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To pay or not to pay? What to do when hit by ransomware


13th October 2022


63 Degrees
Manchester M4 1HQ
From 18:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

With more than 215 cyberattacks per month, every company is at significant risk of being affected by malware. Hacker groups have become well-organised entities and ransomware is by far their most popular attack method. So how can your company prepare for a potential ransomware attack and avoid the worst case outcome of an extortion incident?

Join us in an executive round table with ReliaQuest and IBM where we will discuss how you can take the guesswork out of ransomware protection, best prepare your security operations team by increasing visibility, reducing complexity, and managing risk.

1 Are you ready to contain, eradicate and evict an advanced attacker that can circumvent your NGAV/EDR protections?

2. Do you know the most popular extortion techniques and which Threat groups are using them?

3. Have you considered the wider business impact to a ransomware attack, how do you run payroll if you have lost all your time keeping records and human resources files?

4. Have you already asked top management to consider the “pay or not pay” question? During an incident is not the best time to first consider this.

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