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Malware 2021 to Present Day. Building a Preventative Cyber Program


20th October 2022


12:00-13:30 CT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Malware has been around for years however, there has been a massive increase in malware activity since 2020. Two key contributing factors are 1) global shift to WFH/remote work. 2) significantly wider attack surface. Additionally, we’ve experienced supply chain attacks forcing organizations to re-evaluate their partners, suppliers, and even their own SDLC. Furthermore, increased malware has contributed to ransomware attacks that now employ double and triple extortion techniques. This session will review the recent evolution of malware and how your organization can build a unified and complete cyber program focused on preventing current and future attacks.

Join us at this private, behind closed doors virtual round table discussion, where we bring you together with a careful selected group of your peers to discuss: 

1. The history and evolution of social engineering attacks

2. The possible future and ramifications on businesses

3. How to keep your organization safe: securing email and collaboration tools

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