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How to Keep Your Customers Out of Collections


9th November 2022


UK & Nordics
12:00 - 13:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Collections operations are changing. Rising costs are causing financial stress for consumers today. Research shows that over half of consumers globally are struggling with inflation due to the energy crisis and global challenges. For financial institutions this means strategies need to be put in place to combat rising impairment costs and poor customer experience due to less-than-optimal pre and early collections strategies.

Join industry peers and FICO to discuss how the challenges credit managers face are able to be overcome, the possibilities, the conditions, and the constraints.

Q1. Are you able to identify customers in financial distress to resolve the problem and prevent accounts from rolling to later stages of delinquency?

Q2. Do you have the right agile technology infrastructure to communicate with and respond to the changing needs of your customers and the market?

Q3. How do you support good customers that may offer enormous lifetime potential if they aren’t properly supported through personalised communication?

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