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Driving Differentiated Value in the Future of Sales and Marketing


10th November 2022


Fassle, Stuttgart
Stuttgart - GmbH & Co. KG, Löwenstrasse 51 70597 (Degerloch)
From 18:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a round of golf or a steak dinner was enough for a skilled sales rep to seal the deal. Nowadays, not so much. The buying journey is transforming. Today’s B2B buying teams are bigger, have higher expectations, and are less available. So when a seller finally gets in front of a buyer, it’s showtime.

Go-to-market teams need the right people, processes, and technology to deliver a human-guided buying journey that delivers real value to the buyer at every step. So you can engage buying teams earlier and more deeply, progress deals faster, and make insight-led decisions to drive continuous improvement.

Join us for this private, closed-door dinner and roundtable where we will be taking a deeper look at:

- Which emerging trends are impacting B2B buyer behavior and transforming the buying journey?

- What value adds should your go-to-market teams deliver to buyers at each stage of the funnel?

- How can sales enablement processes and technology empower your go-to-market teams to deliver the valuable, human-led experiences today’s buyers expect

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