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How can the public sector tap into the data dividend?


15th November 2022


EMEA wide
12:00 - 13:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Bridging the data divide and accelerating a data and analytics transformation in public sector services across the world has never been more critical. However, placing data at the heart of public services has faced setbacks given the seismic operational challenge. Despite this, some countries are taking great strides - from leveraging data to tackle climate change to improving health services for citizens - and can offer valuable lessons.

Building upon findings from Splunk’s upcoming report From Data Divide to Data Dividend, we’ll discuss how certain countries are leveraging emerging technologies to tackle societal challenges, as well as consider the necessary steps that need to be undertaken to ensure strong data governance and innovation is at the heart of public services.

1. What can be achieved through closing the data divide?

2. How do European countries compare in their use of public sector data? Using the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France as key examples

3. What can be achieved through greater collaboration between the private and public sector to end the data divide?

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