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Achieve Freedom of Control for your Digital Transformation


24th November 2022


Stockholm, Sweden
From 18:30 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Our world has changed. The relationship between life and work has become irreversibly blurred. Today, digital information moves without boundaries or limits. It means that a corporate data breach one moment can disrupt an individual’s life the next. Of course, this new reality is driven by technology: devices, clouds, networks, applications. But it’s also driven by human nature. A deep desire to live our lives the way we want to. The freedom to connect anywhere, work anywhere, shop anywhere from any device — never having to worry about privacy or security. Just as the speed of change and innovation will only increase exponentially, the human need for freedom and mobility will only become more pressing. 

Join us for this private, closed-door roundtable where we will be taking a deeper look at:

1. Why Managing enterprise risk has moved from the domain of IT administrators to the C-Suite.

2. How to secure digital and cloud transformation is both a business value enabler and creator of new security challenges

3. Why minimizing risk in the digital world with a Data-Centric Cloud Security approach can accelerate and secure digital transformation

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