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Improving Cyber Resilience By Focussing On The Threat Vectors Behind the Headlines


18th January 2023


Murano, London
London, W1J 5PP
From 18:45 GMT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

CISOs are forever being overwhelmed by transformational waves – digital disruption, a global pandemic, supply chain crises, and now, just as they felt more in control, a new cold war.

Covid re-architected our enterprises and forever altered the working environment – but are we clear on how the threat actors developed to accommodate this shift, and where the majority of risk now resides? Supply chains are in global flux, increasingly being used as an attack channel by cyber criminals, and now we face a new Cold War, with competent offensive cyber capabilities on both sides. What are the challenges these issues bring, what implications may that have for the global threat landscape, and how can we pick out the underlying trends and similarities to develop our controls to avoid the worst of the repercussions.

Join this session where we will discuss the developing threat landscape – and how we can adjust our control strategies to prevent incidents, build resilience and enable our enterprises to flourish irrespective of the next disruptive wave crashing down around us.


• Where does your major cyber risk lie?

• How has your business re-architected over the last three years, and what major controls made a different to the associated risk?

• How do you get assurance that you know all your suppliers, and how do you manage the risk around them? What attacks do you see via your supply chain?

• Has the new cold war impacted you? What do you see as the major cyber threat developments that originate from this conflict?

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