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Threat Intelligence – know your enemy, know yourself!


23rd February 2023


12:00-13:30 GMT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

We discuss the growing role of Threat Intelligence information in proactive security strategies – how it’s gathered; how it’s curated; how relevant it is to your business and how you decide on which feeds, reports and actionable intelligence you need, and use, on a daily basis. We also discuss what the future is for Threat intelligence services and its place in your cybersecurity strategy and for a wider range of businesses.

1. What are your thoughts on utilising/sourcing multiple threat intelligence sources and how do you determine ‘completeness’ of intelligence coverage? Whether geographical, political, industry segmentation or otherwise?

2. How important is it to have access to the researchers that create the reports and curate those feeds (if they are curated at all)?

a. How much time do you think your SecOps are spending to curate TI data in order to identify actual TTPs and IoCs?

3. What do you feel is the evolution of threat intelligence information and how can vendors, such as ESET, meet those future needs?

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