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Discussion: Scaling Up From Cyber Security to Cyber Resiliency


3rd May 2023


From 18:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

When an organisation falls victim to a cyber-attack, the security industry is often all too quick to point the finger and speculate over what went wrong. But amidst all the whataboutery, it’s easy to forget that any organisation could be the next on the chopping block. By listening to the lessons learned from enterprise victims of ransomware and wiper attacks across the globe, organisations might be able to spare themselves the same fate. In this session we’ll discuss why legacy approaches to cyber security have failed to prevent crippling ransomware impacts, and look forward to how organisations can truly deliver cyber resilience.

1. As the emerging threat landscape continue to grow, what has emerged as the biggest challenge for your organisation?

2. Is ransomware a big concern for your organisation? How confident are you in the current defences you have in place?

3. Do you have a recovery strategy in place? What is your approach to backups and can you recover at scale?

4. What are your priorities for security and transformation moving forward?

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