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The Modern CISO’s Toolbox: Collaboration, Automation, and Prevention


24th May 2023


Duck & Waffle
From 18:00 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

The job of the modern CISO is not an easy one. Security environments proliferate into the cloud and beyond, new ways of working bring new challenges, and attackers are constantly evolving and prodding for vulnerabilities. But this isn’t to say that a modern CISO doesn’t have any tricks of their own. Technology and tools exist that can augment cyber security operations, facilitate information sharing, and automate processes allowing others to prioritise areas of higher risk. Understanding how to take full advantage of these tools is the next step for modern CISO’s.

Join us for this private, closed-door roundtable dinner where we will be discussing:

  • How AI and machine learning can be leveraged to augment threat detection operations
  • The value of centralised communication platforms like Microsoft Teams for collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • The role of automation in rebalancing workloads and freeing up resource
  • Using AI and automation to minimise risk exposure and remediate vulnerabilities

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