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Future of Banking - Identifying new growth opportunities through APIs


20th June 2023


New York
From 18:00 ET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Open technologies present both opportunities and challenges for financial institutions. The increasing complexities in regulations and collaboration with FinTech’s and 3rd party partners may lead to security and data privacy concerns, as well as technical challenges to developing standardized APIs and providing data-sharing protocols.

However, the potential benefits of digital growth and building new business models far outweigh these challenges. Embracing new growth paths with APIs is crucial for banks to remain competitive in today's financial landscape and these issues can no longer be a roadblock. Financial institutions can remain competitive by offering personalized experiences and embracing open technologies and adopting API’s model of business, which is reshaping the industry.

Let’s connect and discuss, how to succeed in this changing technology landscape, and what financial institutions can do to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation and gear to be a future enterprise.

Discussion points:

1. How Open Data APIs can drive new business growth models

2. How banks can secure their API’s to prevent any security and governance issues

3. How banks can unlock their legacy systems and make their data work to leverage open banking

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