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The Journey Towards Security Through Identity


23rd August 2023


UK & I
12:00-13:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

With business needs outpacing security, and new and greater risks continuously arising, the task of securing your organization against threats has never been more challenging. While there is no one clear path to success, one thing is clear - Identity is the control plane of the modern organization and is a central component to establishing a strong security posture.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable where we will be taking a deeper look at:

• How can Identity effectively support an organization's cybersecurity goals in the face of ever-evolving threats?

• Why is Identity a crucial factor in improving operational efficiency and mitigating security risks?

• How does integrating Identity into the organizational framework drive top-line impact and contribute to a strong security posture?

Leave with a clear structured framework to help you along your Identity maturity journey.

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