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The ROI of CX Transformation


30th August 2023


12:00-13:30 CT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

The case for investing in CX is irrefutable – not only from the perspective of revenue growth & cost optimisation, but also long-term competitive advantage. What is harder to define is how and where that investment should be made, and what outcomes justify it. Organisations are struggling against hurdles that impede the flexibility, cost effectiveness, and control they’re looking to harness. With the buyer’s journey being more non-linear than ever – how can your company streamline and personalise it for your customers?

Join us for this discussion where we will be asking:

1. What does CX success look like?

2. What are the key barriers preventing organisations from maturing their CX?

3. How can organisation accelerate and scale their CX transformations?

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