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The year is 2023, the big question is: What is missing from your cyber resiliency plan?


30th August 2023


West Coast America
12:00 - 13:30 PT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Have you ever wondered what gaps or blind spots might be weakening your cyber recovery plans? Are there things you haven’t factored in when it comes to cyber resiliency? Ransomware is a constant threat that isn’t going to end any time soon, is it on your radar? does it keep you awake at night? So, how do we stay prepared in the best and most relevant way?

* How has your cyber insurance coverage changed over the past two years? Why has it changed?

* In your recent career have you been through the steps to recover from an real life cyberattack?

* Has your regulatory environment around cyber risk changed recently? If it has, how?

* In what way has the perceived cyber skills shortage affected your ransomware recovery planning?

* Has the fashion for “move to the cloud” digital transformation changed your ransomware recovery planning?

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