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Look to the login box to increase CX and consumer loyalty


7th September 2023


12:00-13:30 BST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

We all know how frustrating passwords can be—remembering them, recovering them, not to mention meeting complex requirements. Now imagine how your customers feel when encountering these same pain points on your apps.

It’s time for a more modern approach to identity, starting with the login box. By making this a more secure and delightful user experience, you’ll attract more customers and inspire lasting brand loyalty.

Join Okta and your peers for an exclusive executive roundtable where we will be discussing:

1. How can we redefine the login box as an ideal opportunity to not only acquire customers but also to retain them and drive continuous conversions throughout their entire customer journey?

2. How can leveraging identity and the login box help address the challenges a cookieless world poses?

3. Why Customer Identity is at the Heart of Customer-Centricity

Leave with the latest effective customer identity strategies, such as social logins, progressive profiling, personalisation without cookies, and protection against attacks and fraud, that can be implemented without compromising the customer experience.

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