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From Vulnerability to Victory: Mastering Next-Gen Tactics to Thwart Software Supply Chain Attacks


19th September 2023


USA & Canada
12:00-13:30 CT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

According to Gartner, 45% of organizations worldwide will experience attacks on their software supply chains by 2025. With software supply chain attacks on the rise, organizations are struggling to detect, let alone prevent, these attacks. Breaches, compromises, or vulnerabilities anywhere in the supply chain can lead to severe consequences ranging from regulatory fines and lawsuits to potential impact on your market share and brand reputation. No one is immune to these mounting threats – so how do we move from vulnerability to victory?

Join this lively session where we'll dive into the anatomy of several recent software supply chain attacks, hear best practices from your fellow peers, and more on:

1. What steps should organizations take to secure their software supply chain?

2. From an organizational perspective, who is responsible for securing your software supply chain (e.g. product team, security team, a combination). What do you think is the optimal approach?

3. What steps should companies take to mitigate risks that come with using open-source software?

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