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Global IoT: It all starts with the device


20th September 2023


UK & Europe
12:00-13:30 CEST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

Thanks to the ever-growing Internet of Things, soon everything will be connected. Whether it’s improving operational efficiency or supercharging the customer experience, IoT has massive potential to fuel business growth, drive innovation, and improve people’s lives. That said, connecting IoT devices often goes hand in hand with greater complexity, and choosing the right technology and partners is a minefield.

Join us for this private, closed-door virtual roundtable where we looking at:

• What are the challenges that cause 80% of IoT projects to fail?

• What are the benefits of taking a device-first approach?

• Tips for maximising the success of your IoT project

• How to make the most of the IoT for improving connectivity and efficiency

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